Falling Oaks Dr, Medina

We worked with Leslie and she helped us find our wonderful retirement home. She either answered her phone on the first ring or in the rare instance we left her a message, she called back very quickly. Leslie had great ideas for the house and made several suggestions which we used. The previous owner left many brooms and dust pans but sadly, not one phone book. The afternoon of moving day we were in serious need of a plumber and we called Leslie for a name. We called her recommended plumber along with 4 others to see who could fix this problem the quickest. Leslie’s recommended man was over in less than 2 hours and made the repairs and gave us water back in our home. We cancelled all the other plumbers we had called. A few minutes later Leslie drove up to our house and gave us brand new phone books, very rare items in these times. How she tracked these down so fast is a mystery, but we are still eternally grateful. Our house is an older one and needs a lot of work done. Leslie again came to the rescue and recommended a contractor to us. He is currently working on several projects in the house and we are thrilled with him and his fine work. My husband and I highly recommend Leslie Burns as a professional, down-to-earth, and very hard-working agent that goes way above and beyond ‘selling a house.’ Leslie made what’s usually a very stressful process of buying a home an actual joy!!