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I've done a lot of reflecting this past year about real estate and my place in the industry. I remember back in 2009/2010 my husband and I were looking for investment property. I was consumed with real estate, checking Realtor.com every day to see what had come on the market and calling my Realtor friend to show us listings. I was reasearching sold listings on the Auditors website and reading through documents online. I was doing so much research that I felt like I was calling my Realtor just to get in the door. 

Eventually I was at a Sheriff Sale with a close friend and he suggested I just get my real estate license. That was in November of 2010 and by February of 2011 I had completed my classes and passed my test. I guess that's a fast forward because, before you can TAKE the test, you have to be sponsored by a broker. Meaning, you have to know exactly what brokerage you're going to be working at when you pass your test. A broker has to sign the paperwork for you to even take your test.

When I first started out I chose a very small brokerage that my friend referred me to. I spent my first year there learning all about the industry. The broker that I was working with had been in the business a VERY long time and had so much to share. While I loved this family, the broker was nearing retirement and I felt I was growing faster than this brokerage could help me with.

I became active with the Medina County Board of Realtors my first year and began to build relationships with other agents and brokers. I was introduced to the Marquard's at a MCBOR function and something about their family caught my attention. I had a successful first year in business and many regional and national brokerages were recruiting me... but not M.C. Real Estate. I mean, I wasn't getting the obvious recruiting phone calls that I was getting from other brokerages. I ended up having lunch with Matt Marquard over a mutual client situation and fast forward, here I am. 

In my 11 year career I have seen agents hop from brokerage to brokerage. I've never asked them why or what they were looking for that they felt one brokerage could provide over another. I can tell you this... I haven't seen a lot of people come to M.C. Real Estate and then leave. Only a few. Some were brand new agents that after a short time either decided real estate wasn't for them or had expecations of the industry that M.C. Real Estate couldn't provide. Some were seasoned agents that made the move from their original brokerage to M.C. and then moved on to even their 3rd or 4th brokerage since leaving M.C. Real Estate.

I love the support I get from my manager, my broker, and the staff at M.C. Real Estate. I love the relationships the brokerage has fostered with the agents and their families. Most importantly, I know the Marquard family cares about me, my business and my family. Their dedication to not only their agents and their own brokerage but also the real estate industry is incredible.

I didn't imagine that one day I would be the Vice President of the Board of Realtors when I first got licensed. Or an Ambassador for the Chamber of Commerce. When I first started out I just wanted to help people. Well helping people buy and sell homes is just a part of the career. Giving back to the industry and the community gives even greater reward.

So blessed to be celebrating 11 years in business and 10 years with M.C. Real Estate. I love the stability of being with the same brokerage and growing my business here. I look forward to many more years of growth with the Marquard Family.

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