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2020 was surely the year to get things done. Many people had extra time on their hands and were spending more time at home so they turned to household projects. My household project was purging my home. Like almost MINIMALIST purging.

I started in my garage attic. I pulled down the attic steps and all by myself I went up and down the steps bringing down every item in the attic.We had sleds, beach toys, boogie boards, shelves, tents, outside Christmas decorations, car roof top boxes, car ski racks, car bike racks, extra wood... all kinds of stuff. After I got all the stuff down from the attic I took a broom up there and swept up all the debris. There was a lot of debris because we had a new roof put on several years ago and all the hammering brought down a lot of debris that just was left there. I filled an entire 5 gallon bucket with just debris from the attic. Then I took the shop vac up there and vacuummed all that was left. Once it was entirely spotless, I closed the pulled down steps and was done.

The next step in my attic purge was to either sell the stuff, organize the stuff or donate the stuff. I did a lot of all 3. I probably made about $700 from all the stuff I sold in my attic.

Next I moved on to the garage. I was on a mission. All by myself, I moved every item out of my garage to the driveway, patio and living room. I swept the entire garage floor. I ran a shop vac over all the window sills, corners, any area that needed a good vac. I vacuumed all the carpet areas and had the garage inside professionally painted. I don't have pics of the patio but it was just as full as my living room. Also did not take before pics of the garage.

Don't worry... I got it all cleaned up before Christmas!

Then I moved to the upstairs. We live in a Cape Cod style home so the second floor consists of two bedrooms, a full bath and two attic spaces. The upstairs is our daughters domain and they were both away at college when I took on this task. I started by moving everything from one room to the other. While I did this I combined all like items. I used little bins and baskets for this. All the hair ties, all the headbands, all the beauty products... and son on.

Once one room was completely empty I cleaned it entirely. I cleaned the windows, removed all outlet and switch covers and put in ziplock bag, ran the vacuum, cleaned any carpet stains with carpet cleaning machine and then moved on. I did this with both of the bedrooms and emptied and vacuumed the attic spaces.

I completely emptied the upstairs bathroom. I cleaned it spotless and removed the switchplate and outlet covers.


After I completely purged both bedrooms and the bathroom, anything that wasn't staying upstairs, I hauled down to the basement family room one armful at a time. That's when I decided the furniture in the basement family room had to go. I'm sure you're thinking... "WHAT?!?!"

So here's the thing about this basement furniture. The large chair & ottoman a client gave to me when I sold his home. The small chair and ottoman I bought from a neighbor in my old neighborhood over 10 years ago for $90. The sectional sofa we've also had for more than 10 years. The springs were broken on one side. My husband fixed it. But it wasn't my favorite. I donated ALL the furniture to a family of a friend of mine who had NO living room furniture. They came and picked it up and when it was gone... I felt AMAZING! And the family that got the furniture was SO HAPPY!!!

Closing up the cottage... Around this same time we had to close up our small cottage... not only for the winter... but forever. I'll save this for my next blog post. This post is titled "How I got started..."

Some homework for you until I post my next blog: Watch "The Minimalists" on Netflix. This movie will change your LIFE! My house purging journey started in 2020. I didn't watch the movie until 2021 but you'll see later that it helped me to purge even further. As much as I would love to become a Minimalist, that's just not in the cards for me now. I do have stuff I love and I'm not ready to part with everything I own but it does make you second guess why we have so much.

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